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Why G.A.M.?

Since the partners and G.A.M. (Gabriel Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.) are located in Asia which have the advantages e.g. raw material cost, fast response and feedback. Therefore to meet and / or exceed your expectations is our mission.
Besides that, G.A.M. is able to provide technical advices for polyurethane resin especially in textile coatings and synthetic leather because of long working experiences in the fields. With more and more competition all over the world, we are even able to provide custom products for adding your value.
Some of our polyurethane specialties will not show the specifications even the product name in the list. It is because we prefer to offer tailor made products to our royal customers against the competition.
Our cooperation mode will not only tell you what products we have, but also have to listen and understand your needs. After well-understood communication, we will evaluate the whole possibilities for you including the overall cost, product formulation, machinery, and its market.
Let’s rock the new experience with G.A.M. , probably this can lead your company to a brand new milestone!

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