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Our PU synthetic leather is one of the best materials to substitute genuine leather. The touch feeling and pattern look like real leather. With the additional function like non-migration flame retardant and anti-bacteria, this makes our products compared to genuine leather is not only better from cost-wise, but also from function-wise. Moreover, this material can be also used for making massage chair because of the outstanding abrasion resistance and flexibility.
There are different grades and functions for your selection, so you can choose the most suitable upholstery materials for your own market. The basic information is as follow,

1.) Thickness: 0.8 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm
2.) Width: 54 inches
3.) Backing fabrics: polyester/cotton blending fabrics
4.) Hydrolysis resistance: 3 weeks, 5weeks, 7 weeks of Jungle test (which means 3+years, 5+years and 7+years durability)
5.) High resistance to scratch and abrasion
6.) Addition function: anti-bacteria, flame retardant
Color and pattern: can be custom
8.) Origin: Taiwan

9.) MOQ: 500 yards

10.) Lead time: 20 working days

* If you are interested in our products or would like to be our distributor in your country, please contact us.


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