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There are three popular ways to classify solvent borne polyurethane resins.
Divided by polyisocyanate: aliphatic (HDI, IPDI, H12MDI base) and aromatic (TDI, MDI base)
Divided by crosslink necessity: one component (1K system), two component (2K system)
Divided by functional group: hydrophilic (moisture vapour permeability, MVP coating), hydrophobic (compact coating)
We have a wide range of S/B PUR to fulfill your need. To avoid time waste by selecting wrong products with misunderstanding condition or formulation, we strongly recommend you to communicate with us directly before choosing any product. It will be a great help to understand about your application, machinery condition, final requested properties, acceptable price level¡Ketc. The more detailed input from you will accelerate the development even streamline the production.
Please let us know your requests about your development with the form of contact us. We will reply to you very soon.

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