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This foil is made from special High Solids polyurethane as skin coat, polycarbonate polyurethane on top, hot melt film on the back side, and using PE film to protect the whole product. The basic introduction is as follows,
1.) Thickness: 0.25 ~ 0.30 mm
2.) Width: 54 inches
3.) High scratch resistance
4.) High abrasion resistance
5.) High hydrolysis resistance (7+ weeks of jungle test)
6.) Color and pattern can be custom
7.) MOQ: 500 yards
8.) Origin: Taiwan
9.) Lead time: 20 working days
With such high level of physical properties, this product can be widely used for many applications as you like. For example, you can use this material to laminate with laptop, mouse, LCD monitor frame, sport shoe, split leather, textiles and anything who needs to decorate.
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