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Our synthetic leather is made by impregnating textiles (nylon or polyester) with polyurethane resin and additives to have silimar hand feel like genuine leather with special porous structures. Then proceed additional post-treatments to reach pleasant look.
The special formulation and process gives the products having soft, smooth touch like leather with good durability. Therefore it is very suitable as raw materials for soft type of sport gloves, such as golf glove, baseball bating glove, bicycle riding glove, and motorcycle riding glove. Besides, these also can be the raw materials of apparel.
Making different color sample products for each customer will be possible while using nylon base. As for polyester based materials, we only can provide you black and white color so far.
There are five kinds of patterns for the selection. Please point your cursor on the patterns to see their enlargement.
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CA: Cabretta LI: Lizard RE: Reticular TE: Terrane UN:Universal
Sample collection with different colors and patterns is available for further confirmation if you have interest in our products. Please link here to get the information about dimension, properties, minimum order quantity and lead time.
Should you have any inquiry, please contact us directly.

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