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Most of flame retardant products in the market are achieved by adding additives. The finished products with this process often shows some problems such as low washing resistance, migration, other physical properties decrease significantly, and toxic material concerns.
Our products are using flame elements combined with polyurethane molecular chains during polymerization. Compare with typical mixture with PUR, this improves lots of the a.m. problems. Furthermore, these products also can meet the requirement of EN71 part 3 and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.
Since these products are still polyurethane structure, which means you even can use these products as additives to mix with most of PUR systems. It is easy to handle, the paste is stable, and the finished film still remains transparent if you want to. The application can cover e.g. curtain, coverlet, baby related textiles, car seat, upholstery, mattress, indoor accessories, insulation foam, construction materials...etc. The basic processes having frame retardant effect can be achieved as follows.
Textile or fibers dipping (immerse) process: S/B PUR and PUD system
Direct coating, Transfer coating and lamination: PUR and PUD system
Wet coagulation process: S/B PUR
Polyurethane foam reaction: TDI or MDI / polyol system
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