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Breathable PET film (HSH/MVP 10,000 mmH2O /40,000 g/m2 24h)

With the special technology knowledge, our breathable PET (Polyester) film provides higher specification and more advantages than other products in the market for lamination application.

This breathable film is 100% made from polyester (PET) which can be recycled with the whole PET apparel/system.

Another improtant application is this film can be laminated with PP or PET nonwoven to be medical protective clothing to against such as H5N1, H1N1 and COVID-19.

Special Properties:

  • High water vapour permeability
  • Outstanding water proof
  • Easy preparation and application of coatings and lamination
  • Pleasant soft hand feel and non-sticky surface
  • Resistance to high temperature, applicable for PU and PVC taping
  • Excellent RET value
  • Recyclable for environmental issue


  • Thickness: 17▒ 2 Ám
  • Width: 1524▒ 20mm
  • Weight: 17▒ 2 g/m2
  • Elongation at break: MD > 200%
  • Hydro Static Head (waterproof) >10,000 mmH2O (JIS L1092 B with mesh support)
  • Moisture Vapour Permeability (M.V.P., breathability) > 40,000 g/m2 24h (JIS L1099 B-1)
  • RET value: 1.5 ▒ 0.5 m2 Pa/W (ISO 11092)

Product Information:

  • Product: GPF-17PET (semi-transparent)
  • Packing: 1,000 meter/roll
  • Sample packing: 100 meter/roll
  • Delivery basis: FOB Taiwan
  • Payment term: T/T in advance
  • Minimum order quantity: one roll
  • Lead time: two weeks for dispatch
  • Product origin: Taiwan
  • Meet RSL and RoHS directive

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Breathable membrane PET

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