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Most of flame retardant products in the market always decrease significantly after several washing. Now the long lasting types of flame retardant agents has been release from us now. We offer different flame retardant additives to fulfill your production. Besides, our products provide excellent compatibility with most polyurethane resin and very low migration from finish products. These products also can meet the requirement of EN71 part 3 and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.
For coating with PUR or PUD
For wet coagulation process with PUR
For dipping with textile substrates
For PU foam with TDI / MDI / polyol

As to crosslinkers, we provide three types of crosslinking systems for polyurethane resins.

Aliphatic isocyanate type of crosslinker and its catalyst
Aromatic isocyanate type of crosslinker and its catalyst
Melamine type of crosslinker and its catalyst
Beside the above products, it is also possible to offer other additives such as matting agents, finishing agents, surfactants, PUD foaming agents, PUD foaming stabilizer,…etc. with our polyurethane resins.
Should you have any need about our products, please contact us.

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