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Wet Coagulation Base, Synthetic Leather and Textile Coating

The definition of wet coagulation here means using woven or non-woven coating and/or dipping with polyurethane resin paste into DMF (N,N-Dimethylformamide) tank. With the exchange process between DMF and water, polyurethane resin gradually form hydrophobic porous or PUR bonded structure on the substrate. The substrate gives the hand feel like genuine leather after the wet process.
Synthetic leather and textile coating mean using formulated polyurethane resins apply on substrates with certain processes. The polyurethane resins can be solvent borne, or water base, or high solid, or thermal plastic PUR. The processes can be done by direct coating, or transfer coating, or immersed, or lamination. And the substrates can be woven, or non-woven, or film, or coagulated bases.
These raw materials can apply to lots of applications, such as shoe, textile, upholstery, sport goods, car seating, electronic and medical related fields. By giving special know-how to the formulation, additional functions like moisture vapour permeability, anti-bacteria, flame retardant, etc. will be possible as well.
We are able to offer you full range of the a.m. products with different segment, quality and prices. In order to accelerate the whole process, please let us know the detailed information about your requests like application, physical properties with testing standards, and raw material consumption with acceptable price range. We will evaluate the whole case individually and reply to you shortly.

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